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Sports Teams Affiliations

Newport Orthopedic Institute doctors are board-certified and fellowship-trained in their area of expertise within Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Our doctors offer comprehensive, evidence-based treatment that is customized to meet the needs of our patients, including diagnostics, physical therapy, pain management, and when necessary, state-of-the-art surgical procedures.

We are proud to support our local community by offering orthopedic care to athletes, coaches, sports teams and organizations. We care for patients of all skill levels - from the weekend warriors, recreational, high school, college and professional athletes.

We have taken our high quality orthopedic care directly to the sidelines, providing care and reassurance to players and their families. We are proud that several of our Newport Orthopedic Institute Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeons are members of the NFL Physicians Society and are team physicians for the Los Angeles Chargers.

We would like to recognize the following doctors for their time and dedication to the following teams: