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PA Spotlight: Camille Bray

PA Spotlight: Camille Bray

Camille is a Physician Assistant for Dr. David Gazzaniga. She primarily focuses on the field of Sports Medicine and cares for patients who have suffered sports injuries and over-use conditions, primarily knee and shoulder conditions. Camille also assists Dr. Gazzaniga in arthroscopic and open surgeries.

A high school track injury brought Camille to NOI where she was a patient of Dr. Beyer's. Dr. Beyer took her under his wing throughout high school and college, letting her shadow and learn more about Orthopedics. After completing her undergraduate degree, he later connected her with the Research Team at Hoag Orthopedics. It was at this time that Camille first started working with Dr. Gazzaniga on Sports Medicine related studies where she found her true passion. After graduation, she was thrilled to work alongside Dr. Gazzaniga as his Physician Assistant and she is grateful for the mentorship and support she has received along the way from both Dr. Beyer and Dr. Gazzaniga.

In Camille's free time, she enjoys playing a variety of sports and loves exploring the outdoors. Currently, one of her favorite things to do is taking her dogs on a run to Back Bay in Newport. She loves hiking and camping with her husband. They recently summitted Mt. Whitney in the summer. She also enjoys surfing, playing soccer, volleyball, and getting up to the snow. You may even bump into her at either an Angels game waving around a Rally Monkey or cheering on the Los Angeles Chargers.

Camille's Healthcare Philosophy

I provide my patients with compassionate and evidence-based care. I am always eager to learn and expand my breadth of knowledge. I feel very fortunate to treat patients in my hometown of Orange County.