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Diabetic Foot Conditions

Diabetes is a condition that afflicts many Americans. Causing raised blood sugar levels, it is a disease that reduces the production of insulin in the body. One of the prime dangers of the disease rests in its attack on the foot. Two common complications that cause diabetic feet are nerve damage and poor circulation.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage, mainly in the foot, preventing the individual from feeling sensation in the appendage. This is particularly dangerous because the patient may not feel any injuries or pain suffered, thus damaging the foot even more. Another major issue is poor circulation. Diabetes damages blood vessels leading to poor circulation, which can weaken bones and cause breaks.

Dr. Omar Yaldo specializes in treating foot injuries related to the disease of diabetes and have extensive experience in crafting personalized care plans for patients.

Schedule a consultation with a Newport Orthopedic Institute orthopedic foot surgeon in Orange County to treat your diabetic foot. Call (949) 722-7038.

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