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PA Spotlight: Cheryl Yi

PA Spotlight: Cheryl Yi

Cheryl is the Physician Assistant for Dr. James Caillouette and specializes in caring for patients undergoing hip replacement or knee replacement.

Growing up, Cheryl looked forward to doctor visits and was always amazed at how her doctors could explain her ailments with a deep understanding of the human body. As a result, she became fascinated with anatomy and physiology. She previously worked as an emergency medical technician on the ambulance and in the emergency department where she discovered her interest in orthopedics through treating trauma patients. The more Cheryl has worked in orthopedics, the more she has grown to love the field and values her ability to help her patients return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cheryl enjoys many sports in her spare time including hiking, indoor cycling, surfing, tennis, weightlifting and yoga. She finds her personal hobbies help her relate well to patients and fully understands the importance of helping her patients get back to the activities they enjoy doing pain-free.

Cheryl's Healthcare Philosophy

I focus a lot on patient education because I believe fully understanding the cause and symptoms of a particular condition can help patients understand their treatment options. My ultimate goal is to provide quality care to those who want to return to an active lifestyle as I believe being active is the best medicine for overall health.