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Shaunak S. Desai MD Research

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Hentz VR & Desai SS. Dupuytren’s. Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Textbook. o ASSH Textbook of Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery.

Hentz VR, Watt A, Desai SS, Curtin C. Advances in the Management of Dupuytren’s Disease: Collagenase. o Hand Clinics. Volume 28, Issue 4, Pages 551-563, November 2012

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Desai SS, Larkin BJ & Najibi S. Failed distal biceps tendon repair using a single-incision EndoButton technique and its successful treatment: case report. J Hand Surg Am. 2010; 35A: 1986-1989.

Desai SS and Yao J. Felons and paronychias. Current Orthopaedic Practice. 2010; 21(6): 551-555.

Desai S, Sethi A, Ninh C, Bartol S & Vaidya R. Pedicle screw fixation of the C7 vertebra using an anteroposterior fluoroscopic technique. European Spine Journal. 2010; 19: 1953-1959.

Desai SS, Yeni Y, Banka T & Dougherty P. Screw Configuration in Polyaxial Locking Plates to Treat Unstable Proximal Tibia Fractures: A Biomechanical Study.
Manuscript being revised and resubmitted.


Desai SS, Ninh C, Bartol S, Vaidya R. “Pedicle Screw Fixation of the C7 Vertebrae Using only a Anteroposterior Fluoroscopic Imaging Technique.” o 75th Annual Meeting AAOS Podium Presentation- San Francisco, CA, March 5-9, 2008 o Michigan Orthopaedic Society Podium Presentation - Traverse City, MI, June 2007 o Detroit Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Research Forum Podium Presentation, 2007

Desai SS, Yeni Y, Morandi M, Dougherty P “Screw Configuration in Polyaxial Locking Plates to Treat

Unstable Proximal Tibia Fractures: A Biomechanical Study.” o Henry Ford’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery’s Harold Frost Lectureship 2008 – Detroit, MI o Detroit Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Resident Research Competition, 2008 – Royal Oak, MI

Morandi M, Desai SS, Da Rin F, Ciotti M, Gilbert A. “Treating Upper Limb Infected Nonunions using a Vascularized Fibular Graft vs. the Ilizarov Technique.” o 75th Annual Meeting AAOS Poster Presentation - San Francisco, CA, March 5-9, 2008

Jones R, Desai S, Wu J, Koh S, Shields W, Sankar R. “Topiramate, Zonisamide, and the Ketogenic Diet: Incidence of Nephrolithiasis.” o American Epilepsy Society Abstract. Epilepsia 43 Suppl. 7:59 (Abst. 1.161 ), 2002.

McNulty A, Desai S, Nandi N, Bajaj K. “The Development of a Professional Conduct Code.” o AAMC Central Group of Educational Affairs Poster Presentation – Chicago, IL, April 2002

Pak W, Desai S, Curras M. “SON Resistance to Glutamate Can Be Partially Attributed to Enhanced Glutamate Uptake.” o Society of Neuroscience Poster Presentation – 1999.

Awards & Honors

Peer Journal Reviewer

  • International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology & International Journal of Impotence Research
    • Articles related to Dupuytren’s Disease and Collagenase
  • International Association of Orthopedic Surgeons
    • 2012 Top Doctor In Newport Beach, CA

Henry Ford Health Systems

  • Henry Ford Outstanding Resident of the Year – Nominee, 05/2009
  • Detroit Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Best Resident Research Presentation – 2nd Place, 06/2009
  • Best Research Presentation - 2008 Harold Frost Lectureship – Henry Ford Hospital, 06/2008
  • 1st Place - UF Gainesville MSK Pathology “Unknowns” Competition, 04/2008

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • Honors: Orthopaedic Externships (USC, UCLA & Albert Einstein), Psychiatry, Primary Care, Emergency Medicine Externship (USC), Physical Medicine/Rehab & Clinical Honors: Ob-Gyn
  • Dean appointed Student Health Advisory Committee Member, 2001-2002
  • American Pediatric Society – Society for Pediatric Research / Summer Research Fellow, 2001

University of California, Riverside

  • Dean’s List, 1996-2000
  • University of California Regents Scholarship, 1996-2000
  • Golden Key National Honors Society, 1997-2000
  • Riverside Hospice Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation, 1999
  • UC Riverside Research Mini-Grant, 1999
    • “Differences in Glial Glutamate Uptake May Explain Partial Resistance to Glutamate Excitotoxicity in Various Regions of the Brain”
  • Nathaniel Coleman Scholarship for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, 1998-1999
    • “NMDA Receptor Subunits and Their Role in NMDA Induced Excitotoxicity”
  • University of California President’s Research Fellowship, 1998
    • “The Role of NMDA Receptor NR2C Subunits In Excitotoxicity – A Proposal for Research”  U.C. Riverside Honors Fellowship, 1996-1998


  • Henry Ford Hospital Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Resident Research – Advisor Paul Dougherty, MD

Evaluating rotator cuff function after antegrade nailing of healed midshaft humerus fractures using dynamic ultrasound. 2007-present.

    • IRB Approved. Data collection phase.
  • University of California, Los Angeles. Mattel Children’s Hospital Department of Pediatric Neurology. Summer Research Fellow – Advisor Raman Sankar, MD, PhD, Summer 2001.
  • University of California, Riverside. Department of Neuroscience.

Undergraduate Research Assistant – Advisor Margarita Curras-Collazo, PhD, January 1998 – May 2000 Mastered techniques and skills required for basic science research including writing grant proposals. Numerous grants/honors awarded.

  • University of California, Riverside. Department of Environmental Toxicology.

Undergraduate Research Assistant – Advisor Francis Sladek, PhD, June 1997- December 1997.

    • Acquired skills in biochemistry and microbiology including gel electrophoresis and column chromatography for the study of hepatocyte nuclear factor-4 (HNF-4).

Core Educational Presentations

Newport Orthopedic Institute

  • “Pediatric Splinting for the Primary Care Physician”
    • Greater Newport Physicians Primary Care Forum (January 2011)
  • “Common Problems seen in Hand Surgery” and “Elbow Biomechanics”
    • Greater Newport Hand Therapist Forum (November 2010 and June 2011)

Stanford University – Palo Alto, CA

  • “Orthobiologics - Upper Extremity Surgeon”
  • “Elective Hand Surgery”
  • “Thumb Hypoplasia”
  • “Perilunate Dislocations”
  • “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”
  • “Congenital Hand Surgery”
  • “Suprascapular Nerve Entrapment”

Henry Ford Health Systems – Detroit, MI

  • “Elbow Surgical Approaches” – PGY-5
  • “Congenital Hand” – PGY-4
  • “Foot Anatomy w/ Clinical Correlate” – PGY-4
  • “Talus Fractures/Dislocations” - PGY-3
  • “The Biology of Bone Grafting” - PGY-3
  • “Elbow & Humerus Anatomy” - PGY-2
  • “Tibial Spine Fractures: Rx Guide - PGY-1
  • “Blount’s Disease: Case Presentation” - PGY-1

Gillette Children’s Hospital – St. Paul, MN

  • DDH: A Surgical Approach” - PGY-3
  • Septic Arthritis: Case Presentation” - PGY-3
  • “Transient Synovitis of the Hip: Diagnosis and Treatment”