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Blue Cross Anthem premiums may rise as much as 35%

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We know that your Blue Cross Anthem premiums may rise as much as 35% according to an article posted by Healthcare-Now! on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, titled Anthem Blue Cross seeks to raise individual policyholders' rates.

Blue Cross Anthem is looking for similar discounts from their providers. Newport Orthopedic Institute is moving forward in good faith negotiations hoping we can reach common ground, but we are prepared to step away if it is not possible.

Yesterday we requested an extension of our existing terms in order to accommodate patients who have met calendar year deductibles on an “in-network “basis and to find time to work with Blue Cross to find synergies.

Newport Orthopedic Institute encourages you to get involved, call membership services the number is on the back of your insurance card. And express concern for not having Newport Orthopedic Institute in your PPO Network for the first time in TWO decades!

If you have Greater Newport Physicians or St. Joseph Hoag Health insurance, this does NOT impact you! If you are Blue Cross Anthem PPO, we may soon be out of your network. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions area on our website for you to continually check for updates on the progress of our negotiations!

Newport Orthopedic Institute brings value to Blue Cross Anthem let them know you value us as our participation!

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