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Ram Mudiyam, MD. Spinal Fusion Interview | Beckers Spine Review

Dr. Ram Mudiyam was nterviewed by Becker's Spine Review and asked to weigh-in on where he thought Spinal Fusion Surgery is headed in the next five years.

Read: The next 5 years in the spinal fusion arena

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Although autogenous bone graft (iliac crest, local bone) remains the "gold standard," limited supply, donor site morbidity, variable bone quality and host factors have led to an explosion in research and development of alternatives to autogenous bone. This is especially relevant in long segment spinal fusions (spinal deformity) and revision cases. These have ranged from synthetic graft extenders (ceramic, bioglass, tricalcium phosphate), a variety of donor bone products (cortical, cancellous, structural allografts, demineralized bone matrix, stem cell based technologies) to bone morphogenetic protein."

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