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You Are What You Eat: Should We Be Scared of Butter?

You Are What You Eat: Should We Be Scared of Butter?

You are what you eat seems to be the theme in a recent article we read from the New York Times. Diet and eating healthy continues to be a trending topic, especially among Millennials. What’s healthy? What’s too much? Should I eat 100% organic, and what does that mean? Well, this article sums it up fairly well with a focus on butter and saturated fats, and how they affect your health.

The bottom line was summed up in the beginning of the article:

Unless you have a medical condition that dictates otherwise, there’s no reason to cut anything – not butter, ice cream or Porterhouse steak — completely from your diet as long as you mainly eat plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits and whole grains), lean animal protein and fish and don’t go overboard on foods rich in saturated fats that can cause harm in excess.

The keyword is “balance”. Eat a variety of foods, with a focus on fresh vegetables and fruit. Think about what you put in your body and how it will benefit you. Of course it’s ok to indulge, but do so wisely and make it a treat. Butter has very high saturated fat content, so eating it too much (every day) will increase in blood cholesterol levels. Olive oil and coconut oil are great substitutes for butter, give them a try throughout the week and put the butter away.

If you need help coming up with fresh meal ideas, use apps like Pinterest to find new recipes. Remember, what you eat affects your bones, too! So take good care and you’ll find you will enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle as you age.

Read the full article here.