Orthopedic Urgent Care

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*Walk-ins Welcome

Newport Orthopedic Institute is committed to providing the best orthopedic care possible. We are offering Saturday appointments and walk-ins at our Irvine location from 9am - 11:30am. While we are not currently offering extended weeknight hours, we will work with you to get you in as soon as possible at one of our locations. Please request an appointment or call us to make an appointment today. Please note that you may be seen by an alternate physician or a physicians assistant.

Immediate Care for Sports Injuries, Broken Bones & Sprains

Newport Orthopedic Institute’s Orthopedic Urgent Care is intended for patients with very recent sports injuries, sprains or broken bones (fractures). Our orthopedic urgent care can provide immediate and expert care by board certified orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors.

We make this process as easy and seamless as possible by connecting patients with the appropriate orthopedic specialist quickly, reducing the wait, hassle and risk. By coming directly to NOI’s Orthopedic Urgent Care, you will be charged for a specialist office visit. Whereas, going to an emergency room or traditional urgent care typically has a higher visit cost associated and may also require a referral to see an Orthopedist to fully treat the injury.

We are 'in-network' with all major insurance plans, as well as Medicare plans. Additionally, NOI has coordinated with several primary care medical groups in Orange County, including Hoag Medical Group, Greater Newport Physicians Group and St. Joseph Heritage Health Medical Groups to enable patients with HMO insurance plans to come directly to our orthopedic urgent care for immediate attention.