Is the Doctor In? (My Network)

During open enrollment patients may change their health plans and health plans are changing their products! Knowing if your orthopedic doctor is in network or out of network can be challenging for patients and office staff alike. As a patient, with the financial responsibility, you might like to verify that the provider you are working with is in network, you can do so by contacting the membership services department of your health plan ( the number is often on the back of your insurance card) and inquiring about the network status of your provider.

It may be helpful for you to know the following information about Newport Orthopedic Institute prior to contacting membership services.

  • Newport Orthopedic Institute's Tax ID: 80-0856095
  • Insurance Contracted Name: Orthopedic Institute of Newport Beach, LP (our legal name)
  • DBA Name: Newport Orthopedic Institute

A Comment RE: Online Physician Directories:

We are aware that many health plans have online provider directories, and while they try to keep them up-to-date, they don’t always reflect real-time network status. If you don’t find your favorite Newport Orthopedic physician listed as an "in network" provider on your health plan's provider directory online, please call membership services and verify network status for the Orthopedic Institute of Newport Beach, LP (DBA: Newport Orthopedic Institute, TAX ID: 80-0856095.)

If you are still unable to confirm, feel free to contact our office for assistance, after we receive the necessary information we can provide an answer within 24 hours — sooner for fracture care!

Newport Orthopedic Institute does accept most insurance plans!

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